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Halifax Children's Martial Arts 

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Halifax Childrens Martial Arts and self defence group picture at North Bridge Leisure centre

Our children's Beginners Karate Program 

“A Positive Start” - Our purpose arranged Karate programs are designed to allow the opportunity for adults or children to develop a good foundation of basic Karate technique through simple core strength and flexibility exercises specially arranged with the beginner in mind focusing on structure, movement, involvement and communication. The beginner programs are developed and ran by the seniors of the Independent Martial Arts group who have been teaching and training in North Bridge Leisure Centre since around 1990. 

We always try to keep classes well structured and designed around basic repetitive Karate movements, simple exercise & flexibility routines which children can understand, incorporating correct use of training equipment, safety in the training room (dojo) and co-ordination skills using the teaching structure from the Traditional Shotokan Karate system (Karate-do – Karate-jutsu – Karate-jitsu).



IMA Children's Beginner Package; We aim to provide, at a reasonable cost, a beginner package for both adults and children which is available from all IMA member clubs (This website is part of the Independent Martial Arts Group). We like to keep the details of our beginner package as simple and as complete as possible to help towards encouraging commitment to training from the outset. All 'IMA' clubs and classes are open to everyone and aim never to discriminate on the grounds of age, ability, gender, religious beliefs or ethnic origin, welcoming new members from all walks of life, treating everyone equally and fairly. 

The beginner package contains everything a student will need to start and continue training; a new white Karate suit & belt with embroidered badge,member registration, grading book, 12 months member to member insurance and 12 weeks training program which includes your 2 free introductory lessons. Application and registration forms are available in any of our classes once your 2 free introductory lessons have finished. There is no obligation to purchase any beginner package as we also operate a pay as you go system in all classes once you have completed your introductory 2 free weeks training. The current up to date individual lesson cost regarding all classes junior or senior are available in any of our classes. We look forward to meeting you soon for your free Introduction.

#1 Drop us a message and make a date for your free introduction.

#2 Turn up, warm up and start to learn Karate with us.

#3 Give it a go and see where it goes from there.

meet the staff

Meet Our Children's Karate Group.

Our next beginner introduction will be on Saturday 24th November.

Please contact us for more information to start training.

Family martial arts Halifax, karate jutsu group, adults and kids class

Next Kids Beginner Class Age 6 to 11yrs

Saturday 24th Novembe 2018 - 1.30 til 2.30pm

Beginner classes cover learning basic techniques and how to apply them in a training environment, understanding the correct use of equipment, simple fitness, flexibility and safety exercises to ready the body to gain the most from their practice.

Handsome, good looking karate bunch, Halifax Martial Arts Sunday children and adults class

Next Teenager Beginner Class 11+

Saturday 24th November  - 3.00 til 4.30pm

 Karate can be a great way for parents to get involved with their children’s interest in training, sharing in the experiences that take place on the mat. This can help in building strong relationships and develop mutual respect for all involved.

Halifax Back belts and senior karate-jitsu looking great

Next Adults Beginner Class

Saturday 24th November - 3.00 til 4.30pm

Martial Arts for men and women can be a great addition to an already active individual or for someone looking to try something new. Being involved in Karate is a great way to help improve health and wellbeing making new friends along the way.


Contact us For Your Free Introduction to Practicing Karate With us. 

Our next beginner introduction will be on Saturday 24th November.

Please contact us for more information to start training.

For lessons or information to join our children's group practicing Karate at;

Northbridge Leisure Centre, North Bridge Street,Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK HX3 6TE.

Email; Tel; 01422 208600 Text; 07540418200

Thank You! Message sent and we will be in touch.

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