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Halifax Childens Martial Arts Group


     Seven simple things we often talk about with parents, as a parent who want their kids to exercise.

1, Are you a parent who often worries about the way that society is moving towards the lack of driven activity which allows and promotes the continued addition/addiction of technology controlling what we, or more importantly our children perceive as real or not real and the way it interferes progress to reach achievement in real life?  I do and my own kids are only age 6 and 7yrs, it’s crazy, but I as a parent, probably like you, see the importance to try and encourage them into an activity of a physical and creative nature, which might guide them towards becoming self-thinking and strengthening their sense of possibility, or even into some other physical activity to be enjoyed.  Every week I hope that we can channel their concentration into their learning and practicing Karate and making advancements in their own character and personalities, even if it is a slow, little and often and one step at a time progress. You are most welcome to join us with your children if you have a like-minded idea and our little Karate group is something that you think you could also be interested in.

2, Do you live in the Halifax (UK) area? We do, and our classes are all central with easy access and great parking facilities. You don’t have to book because we will be there with our own children, just turn up and your introduction to our beginner classes are completely free for 2 weeks! We will be at North Bridge Leisure Centre on Saturdays between 1.30 – 2.30pm for children (adults & teenagers 3.00-4.30pm) in the combat room, which is a safe purpose matted dojo (training room) for the practice of Martial Arts. If you are coming for the first time please drop us a message, just in case there is any change on that day.

3, Would you like to get your children into a physical activity which will (hopefully) motivate, build great and solid foundations for them in gaining the confidence for doing or focusing on many other things and taking on new challenges or roles of what life may place before them? I do and I don’t mind what direction or choice of sporting discipline or activity, so long as my own children make a start with something I am happy and through a Karate/Judo class is a great choice. “It also makes them go to bed and sleep early on a Saturday evening... which is always a bonus”.

4, What are your classes like? Our Classes are great, but would I be biased towards our own classes of course, because I believe in what we do and if you can’t see that in just spending as little as 1 hour with us, I would feel that I failed in introducing you to our practice of Karate. Not all Karate classes, groups or teachers are the same and suit everybody, that’s why it’s free for you to try. One boot doesn't fit all...Please don’t be confused your perception of our class because you have already been involved with a group who poorly communicated their martial art practice, or you didn't suit that particular style of teaching. You might not continue with us, but at least you have made an effort to “start something”… and again “it’s free” for your first couple of weeks, I am confident that you will be pleased with our introduction class and always look forward to meeting new members.

5, Do we run a class for ages from 4 years upwards? A question and one which we get often. Only up until recently we only took children from the age of 6 to 7yrs, but since my own children started at a small age in order to get them active I took them to the beginner class and one was fine and one took a little more time to make progress. The class does  concentrate on being a development and exercise class for the younger age group, but all kids are different and some take it in their stride and some take a little more time in getting there. What I do want you to know as a parent (from a parent) is that I will be teaching my own young children in the same class. I hope you feel and see the sincere value in this action. You don't know until you try?

6, Can you just come and watch? Absolutely, you are welcome to come and view our children’s introduction class at any time, but why just view, come and give it a go. “Yes, even my own two “delightful charms” sometimes don’t want to practice for a full hour”, but we are getting there slowly, one step at a time.

7, What do you do now? Please contact us for your 1st two weeks free introduction – it will only cost you the time it takes to travel and for you children to take part. Turn up, try, you have nothing to lose!


Our Introduction to Karate for young children covering a varied range of skills and exercises is taken from our more involved training program made suitable for young children. It operates on Saturdays 1.30-2.30pm at North Bridge Leisure Centre, Halifax, West Yorkshire – If this might be of interest to you as a parent then please contact us for your 1st two weeks free introduction. It will only cost you the time it takes to travel and for you children to take part,

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